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"Eliminate your kidney stones and be pain free without expensive, invasive surgery or agonizing hours, days or even weeks waiting for the stones to pass on their own. "

If you have been plagued with the never-ending pain of kidney stones, then you'll be relieved to hear that there is a way to put an end to your hurting and suffering. After suffering through the endless swelling, tenderness, and pain that seems to come out of nowhere you'll finally be relieved to have it all disappear.

With kidney stones, its often impossible to get up and do you need to; just making it through the day can be hard enough, but whats worse is not being able to do the things you really want to do because of too much pain.

Finally you can have no more feeling so much pain that all you ever want to do is stay inside and never move again! No more sharp, stabbing pains in your side! No more throbbing, swelling, or tenderness in your side and groin that makes you feel awful all the time! No more painful urination! No more having to sit on the sidelines watching life pass you by because you’re afraid your symptoms will feel even worse!

You need to know what you’re dealing with so you can effectively eliminate kidney stones from your life, forever! At Selmedica Healthcare, we’ve spent countless hours dedicated to extensive kidney stones research.

For some time, doctors have suspected that kidney stones might be caused by a number of factors, including a chemical or pH imbalance in your body. When certain conditions are just right, an excess of certain minerals or bacteria will bind together and crystallize to cause stones. Because of this imbalance, doctors have suspected that kidney stones should be treated differently than they had been. But, they didn’t do anything about it, instead they just kept prescribing the same old, ineffective medications and surgeries, with the same results: little to none! Or, when the medications and surgeries did seem to work, often the stones came back twice as bad!

What exactly is Lithonal? Lithonal is a revolutionary new way of helping victims of kidney stones, just like you! You'll be happy to know that it contains ingredients proven in numerous documented scientific international studies to help people suffering from symptoms associated with kidney stones. It is comprised of a proprietary blend of potent botanicals successfully used for decades to deal with the symptoms associated with kidney stones. There is no other available product in the world that matches the results of Lithonal. In fact, its list of powerful ingredients has been documented as highly effective by international scientists, organizations, and medical journals. That's because Lithonal penetrates deeply to attack kidney stones from the inside out.

This means that, unlike other kidney stones medications, Lithonal attacks your kidney stones from every direction. It not only gives your body the strength it needs to dissolve the stones and balance your pH levels, it also provides the vital support and protection your whole body needs to be well. In fact, Lithonal was specially formulated to give your body what it needs to start getting better immediately! It's amazing how this simple solution was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

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